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Did you know that government employees classified as public safety can retire with 50% of their pension income exempt from state and federal taxes. Often these "disabled public "masters" can be found on the golf course, tennis court, or even in a marathon. What is worse, they often will move out on the high tax state that is paying their pension to avoid paying taxes of the other 50% on their income. Use this calculator to see how much more money it means for them.

"Damn aint it good to be gangsta"


Compare how much you would need to save in your 401K

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The assumptions used in this calculator are: 30% Federal Tax Rate and 10% tax rate, 2% COLA, along with a 5% discount rate. This is the rate that the Stanford study recommends. After all if the pension is guaranteed than it should be discounted using a risk free rate, although currently the risk free rate is even lower than 5%.